About Walt Middleton Photography

My name is Walt Middleton,
I have a bachelor's degree in History from The Ohio State University where I had extensive course work in Photography, Environmental Law / Natural Resource Management, and Literature. To say the least I was one of those odd people who enjoyed school. While at OSU, I worked for two years in their photography lab as a lab assistant/instructor. I sold my first print almost 20 years ago and now I have images displayed on all of the Big Ten School's web sites, and of course many others as well. These days I find myself shooting just about every Big Ten and NCAA National event. I focus primarily on the Olympic sports but I do find myself working more and more Football games each year. I got into shooting primarily sports because I was always an athlete. So, sitting and just watching a game has never interested me. Now I'm involved in every game doing my best to capture the best view for each team and athlete. So, if you need "THE SHOT" and you want to work with my staff and myself, please give me a call...

Thank you, Walt Middleton

walt@WaltMiddletonPhoto.com 614-353-5673